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www.idealuceonline.com is property of:
Idea Luce S.r.l
Viale dei Pini, 283
56019 - Migliarino Pisano (Pisa)
Tuscany - Italy
VAT: IT02001840509 | REA PI-172656
Telephone and fax: 0039.050.804546
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Company
Our company is specialized in the sale of lamps and chandeliers for interior and exterior lighting. After several years of sales through the "traditional form" of shop in 2003 , we launched the first E-commerce in Italy dedicated exclusively to online sales of lighting fixtures. During these years, as pioneers in the industry, thanks to our passion for light and design and professionalism, we quickly become leaders in the italian lighting online sellers. Subsequently, in 2011, we opened a second e-commerce in Germany and in 2014 a third in English language with the aim of exporting our organization, professionalism and the best brands of Made in Italy even in foreign markets.

The structure
Our headquarters is located in Tuscany, province of Pisa, in the National Park of Migliarino Pisano.It is spread in business offices dedicated to the service pre and after sales, both for Italy and abroad. A wide area is used to preparation and storage of goods, and finally a part is dedicated to research and development of the web business. Our headquarter is not open to public, cause our business is predominantly online so everything is optimized to deliver the maximum quality of service to the customer that purchases through our e-commerce platforms.

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Customer service
We help each customer about all aspects concerning the lighting industry, the lamps on sale or how to purchase online. Our staff can be reached by phone using - from a landline - the number 0039.050.804546 from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 13.30. Otherwise you can use our contact form or send an e-mail to our e-mail address [email protected] .

Our telephone customer service is not a Call Center . We respond to every request or advice with qualified and experienced personnel. Every day we receive a large number of requests, often technical involving and time-protracted advice. Therefore, it can happen of not being able to immediately take the line, if this event occurs we suggest you to have patience and please try again in a few minutes. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to our mailing address. We will give answers to every request in the shortest time possible, compatibly with the workload.

Order updates:
In case of request of updates regarding pending orders, cause reasons above listed, please contact us only after verifying the effective maturity of the shipping times indicated at the moment of purchase.

We certify and guarantee that all lamps and chandeliers in our catalog are original, never used, never exposed to the public and delivered in their original packaging.
The products that we believe most fragile are shipped with additional packaging (external or internal) to preserve their integrity during transport. Last but not least the lamp is opened and inspected by our staff before the shipment, as quality control.

Shopping Online
Our e-commerce, accessed from this link http://www.idealuceonline.com , includes thousands of lamps. Inside the online store you can evaluate and choose light fixtures of all kinds: by cheaper products up to the biggest brands of Italian design, offered throughout the year at discounted and affordable prices. In addition to the discounted price are always present special promotions activated once you insert products in your shopping cart. The promotions can go for the total purchase for immediate availability or to specific brand. For this reason it is always recommended to check the final price by inserting the lamps into your shopping cart.

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Place an order
You can place an order using 4 simple possibilities.
1) Through our online shop (E-commerce) :
Once you have chosen the products, will be sufficient to proceed with the guided order process through the shopping cart.
2) Fax:
Using the appropriate number: 0039.050.826454

3) E-mail:

Using our e-mail address
[email protected] , indicating in the subject field "Confirmation Order."
4) Phone:
By using our number
0039.050.804546 , active since Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 13.30.

Each order received can not be considered automatically accepted. The confirmation of acceptance or rejection will be sent to you as order update, together with the shipping estimated time in case of acceptance, or the reasons in case of rejection. An order could not be accepted in case the purchased products have changes in prices, lack of availability or in the case we believe that we have a lack of "good faith" on the part of the purchaser.

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Pay an order
Payment methods, that will be available during the order process in our e-commerce, are the following:

1) Credit card / debit card or PayPal account:
For payments by credit card or debit card, you can use the PayPal system , indipendent service but very efficient and widespread that perfectly assure you in all the various stages of the transaction. PayPal offers as option to pay with the most used cards credit, with no obligation to register to their platform and at no additional costs.
For more information about the PayPal service: www.paypal.com

2) Bank transfer:
In order confirmation page you will find all the data needed to pay by bank transfer. Using this form of payment, the order will be shipped upon the effective bank accredit, which usually varies from 2 to 4 working days.

In case of particular orders (for example, high quantities or lamps made specifically upon specific customer request), we reserve the right to request a 30% money deposit calculated on the order total. In case of failure, the order will be immediately deleted without notice.

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Products availability
In each product's page is expressly referred the availability of the material or, in case the articles you want is not immediately available, the working days to wait necessary for the shipping.

Rarely, but it may happen that one or more items - currently available - are being depleted as a result of orders made simultaneously from different customers. In this case we will notify the customer immediately indicating the time required for delivery.

Because of the many products on the market it is not possible for us to have each product in stock, but we guarantee all the possible efforts to minimize any times waiting, compatibly with the waiting time imposed by our suppliers.

Occasionally it may happen that the manufacturer to which we ordered the products, delays the delivery time. Unfortunately this is not under our direct control. We are able to immediately inform the customer and give him the right to choose whether cancel the order or whether to wait further.

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We entrust our shipments to industry-leading partners logistics such as UPS.
After years of work online, we found that they are the best in terms of reliability and service. Each pack, before being entrusted to the carrier, is insured and if there is need protected with extra packaging, internally and externally.

We believe it is important to point that
we do not operate in dropshipping : each shipment starts from our headquarters only after rigorous and scrupulous quality-check.

Once the order has been given to the courier we provide to inform the customer of the shipment by sending an e-mail of update. Next will be the same courier that will send a second e-mail confirming shipping, with all the instructions to track the package.

It should be noted that many of our products in the catalog include free Shipping, regardless of their cost. We invite you to browse our store to find out which fall into this special promotion.

For purchases where the total is below 50 €, regardless the shipping costs, you will be asked for a small order management contribution of 6.00 €.

Free shipping insurance
We offer to all our customers an exclusive shipping insurance that provides the replacement of any breakages of the products caused exclusively by the carrier during transport, without any additional cost. Without "trapping" the customer in lengthy paperwork you can simply use the request form - Replacement request form - for allow us to arrange pickup at the address indicated by the customer, which will coincide with the replacement of the material insured.

What to do to take advantage of the insurance:
As soon as the package will be delivered, please provide one scrupulous control in the presence of the courier. In case the pack arrived damaged on the outside does not mean that the interior is damaged also, in any case it is recommended to sign a delivery note receipt reporting "damaged package, acceptance subject to control.". Later take immediate action to check inside the package
not later than 2 days after receipt . If you experience any type of damage immediately alert our staff, to enable us to take the necessary measures to replace damaged parts or the whole product at no additional charge.

The timing of replacement of the supplied material will vary depending on the availability of required parts. In any case, such terms will fluctuate from 2 to 30 working days since the request. Our staff will maintain updated the client on the proceedings of the opened practice.

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Shipping costs:

shipping cost: free shipping:
austria € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
belgio € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
bulgaria € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
croazia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
danimarca € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
estonia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
francia € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
finlandia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
germania € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
grecia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
irlanda € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
lettonia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
lituania € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
lussemburgo € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
monaco € 40,00 ≥ € 800,00
shipping cost: free shipping:
norvegia € 40,00 ≥ € 800,00
olanda € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
polonia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
portogallo € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
Rep. Ceca € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
romania € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
slovacchia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
slovenia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
spagna € 10,00 ≥ € 300,00
svezia € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
svizzera € 40,00 ≥ € 800,00
UK € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
ungheria € 15,00 ≥ € 400,00
russia € 100,00 ≥ € 3.000,00
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Warranty (5 years)
On any product purchased from our e-commerce http://www.idealuceonline.com we offer an extended warranty for free: 5 years from the date of purchase. The first two years are covered by the guarantee applied by producer to consumer, but from 3rd to 5th year we extend the "standard" warranty offering further 3 years of protection, without any kind of extra cost.
The extended warranty is applied to all products purchased from 09.12.2012 onwards. For orders prior this date shall be applied the two-year standard warranty.
The warranty protects the product from
- Defects of construction
(by the manufacturer)
- Paint Defects
(covering problems of this type in the future, also)
- Malfunction of the electrical parts
(internal and external)

How to request a replacement under warranty:
To request a replacement under warranty you must use this form: Replacement request form .
Idea Luce will promptly contact you in order to inform about the time of replacement which typically varies, depending on availability, from 2 to 30 working days from the request.

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Right of withdrawal
Each private customer has the right to cancel the order in accordance with the laws in force, up to 14 non-working days from the date of delivery, without the necessity of specifying the reason. In case of withdrawal, the customer has the right to demand repayment of the amount paid, or (if they wish) to request a change with a product of equal or greater value. Shipping charges not will be refunded only if indicated in the order confirmation, otherwise we will refund the entire amount.

The right of withdrawal applies only to private costumers, as per applicable laws. The right of withdrawal can not be applied to custom products manufactured by explicit instructions of the client.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal:
To obtain a refund (or make a change) is necessary to communicate the intention to withdraw, within the period of 14 non-working days from the date of delivery, by sending a notice by fax to +39 0039.050.826454 or by e-mail to [email protected] . Subsequently, it is essential that the material to be returned is sent at your expenses to: Idea Luce Srl, Viale dei Pini 283, 56019 Migliarino Pisano (Pisa) - Italy.

The products must be returned back to our headquarter in the same state (like new) in which they were initially sent, not used, not installed, in the same package with which we have made the shipment and complete with all parts present inside the box at the time of shipping.

As soon as the product will be returned at our headquarters, we will start immediately the necessary checks to ascertain the product status. In case the product(s) might be used, spoiled or not meets the required features, we will be forced to decline the request for withdrawal by sending again, at customer's expense, the delivered product(s).

Responsibility for the integrity of the goods during shipment is always responsibility of the customer. Please ensure all shipments destined for withdrawal.

Timing of repayment:
In case of reimbursement request, the same will happen no later than 14 days after opening of the practice. The repayment is inherent the cost of the item only. Shipping charges will be refunded only if not included in the price of the product, and the cost of returning product(s) are considered always to be covered by the customer that take advantage of the withdrawal.

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These terms and conditions are written by our staff, so they can be defined of intellectual property. Any form of copy (both total and partial) is prohibited.
Idea Luce S.r.l

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